Front Doors That Blend Security With Style

A key requirement for every UK homeowner is a front door that is impervious to draughts, ensuring their abode remains snug and warm. The front door acts as the home’s central feature, maintaining a cozy atmosphere on chilly winter nights.

Creating a lasting first impression matters. This is why we dedicate ourselves to crafting superior front doors. These doors are designed not just to meet the functional needs of your home but also to enhance its external appearance.

Why your new front door needs to be with AutoDoors!

AutoDoors front doors are acknowledged as the most secure option for your home. Independent tests consistently demonstrate that our front doors surpass Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and wooden composite doors in terms of both security and energy efficiency. Make an informed choice for your new front door – opt for AutoDoors.

Our composite front doors are available in a diverse array of styles and colors, crafted to complement and enhance the unique charm and features of your home. These doors are not just visually appealing; they also offer unparalleled security and thermal efficiency. With our front door range attaining an A energy rating, you can be assured of top-tier quality – it truly doesn’t get better than AutoDoors!

Your perfect front door in a range of styles and colours

The AutoDoors team has been deeply committed to research and development, aiming to craft the ideal composite front door. Our efforts have resulted in a robust product that not only guarantees the safety of you and your family but also offers the convenience of being virtually maintenance-free, with a lifespan of well over 30 years. Wondering if an AutoDoors front door is the right choice for you?

Be reassured by our comprehensive guarantee, which provides total peace of mind. With a selection of composite door styles and door colours, including popular choices like anthracite grey, slate grey, Chartwell green, black, and classic white, we are confident that you will find an AutoDoors front door that perfectly suits your home.

Every AutoDoors composite front door is made to measure

Distinct from many other composite door manufacturers, AutoDoors creates each door uniquely, ensuring a tailor-made fit for your home. A composite front door that has been trimmed or altered to fit can be significantly weaker and less secure. In contrast, an AutoDoors front door is designed and manufactured to precise specifications.

We stand firm in our commitment to not compromise on your home’s security. Each of our doors features a reinforced inner frame hidden behind the decorative door sash, providing robust protection against unauthorized entry into your home.

Front doors with A-rated ‘Door Set Energy Ratings’ (DSER)

We take pride in the fact that AutoDoors is the sole composite door manufacturer to provide an entire range of front and back doors with A ratings for thermal efficiency.

Just as high-quality insulation and electronics can reduce your living expenses, an AutoDoors composite front door represents an investment in your home’s energy efficiency. We were pivotal in advocating for Door Set Energy Ratings (DSER) years ago, and we continue to lead the industry, staying ahead of many of our competitors.